Lighthouse Clinic Services

The Lighthouse Clinic is a specialist clinic for HIV/AIDS at Kamuzu Central Hospital.


Quality of Care

The Lighthouse has been an open access clinic for the care of HIV related disease (including treatment and prophylaxis for Opportunistic Infections and the provision of HAART) and for supporting the palliative care of terminal illness. At Lighthouse we believe the first responsibility of the clinic is delivering the highest and appropriate quality of care. To bring the appropriate quality of care to our patients we employ local and expatriate clinicians who bring a considerable breadth of knowledge and skills in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Malawi. In addition, Lighthouse has developed and piloted many key interventions for the National ART Scale-up including nurse led reviews.

A Wider Role

Lighthouse works to build capacity in HIV/AIDS care in Malawi by providing training and support such as helping the previously mentioned National ART Scale-up. The clinic has taken a lead in palliative care by providing training and spearheading the introduction of powdered morphine through Central Medical Stores. The Lighthouse Clinic serves as a model for others through our efforts in operational research (e.g. ARV management) coupled with careful monitoring and evaluation.

Supporting HBC

The clinic provides a referral centre for HBC clients who are unable to find effective care through health centres. Our clinical staff support the HBC team by advising them on difficult clinical issues and by following up the worst cases in the community. The clinic also provides logistical support for Home Based Care through the procurement and supply of consumables and drugs.