US Congressional Staff Delegation Witnesses PEPFAR Support in Action in Malawi

Posted April 18, 2016
United States Government (USG) Congressional staff visited the Lighthouse Trust operated Martin Preuss Centre (MPC), on April 4, 2016.

The team, led by Cesar Gonzalez, Chief Staff for United States (US) Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, visited Malawi in order to discuss issues concerning maternal and child health, HIV and TB, education, legislation for funding and challenges faced in the programs funded by the USG through PEPFAR.

MPC and the maternity wing at Bwaila Hospital were two of the sites the team visited to witness the impact of USG – PEPFAR financial support.

Gonzalez, expressed satisfaction over effective utilization of USG funds as exhibited by the Lighthouse operations. “It is interesting to see how the activities carried out at Lighthouse result into positive health outcomes and give fulfilment of USG’s investment in Malawi.” He says.

He added that the impact of the funding is beneficial to both Malawi and the US since eradication of problems in Africa would also eradicate the spread of those particular problems to other parts of the world, including the US.

Lighthouse Director, Professor Sam Phiri, commended the team for visiting Malawi and mentioned that the successes they have seen at Lighthouse should be a tool to commission them to recommend areas in Malawi’s HIV national response that need to get more attention.

This visit was organised by RESULT US and it comes eleven months after US congresswomen, Barbara Lee and Eddie Bernice Johnson visited Lighthouse Trust in a trip whose purpose was to educate the U.S policy makers about the positive reach of U.S foreign assistance in regards to maternal, newborn and child health as well as nutrition.


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