Lighthouse Clinical Officer wins a Scholarship to Uganda

Posted January 13, 2014
Layout Gabriel Kachere, one of the clinical officers at Lighthouse trust, won a scholarship for a four week experiential attachment at The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO), Uganda through the, TEACH project. The attachment commenced on the 3rd of October 2011.

TEACH (TASO Experiential Attachment to Combat HIV) implements and coordinates experiential learning activities for HIV and AIDS service providers from private and public institutions of African developing countries. The project has already hosted 1055 HIV and AIDS practitioners including medical personnel, administrators, financial personnel, public relations officers, IT specialists, youth mobilisers, military personnel and legislators, from Sub- Saharan Africa since its establishment in 2005. In 2010, TEACH also hosted interns and volunteers from developed countries including United Kingdom, Canada and United States of America.

Mr. Kachere and other professionals from twenty different countries including South Africa, Nigeria, Mozambique, Lesotho, Tanzania and Zambia, will undergo an orientation of TASO and the TEACH project in the first week there after Mr. Kachere will go to Mbarara hospital and its peripheral clinics in the second and third week where he is expected to learn from the practicing clinical personnel there. The fourth week will be used for experience sharing amongst all the attachés.

As Uganda is well known to be the country that has greatly done well in combating HIV, Lighthouse is anticipating gaining from this attachment new HIV and AIDS service delivery models that could be explored and adapted if they fit in the Malawi context.

The trip is expected to benefit TASO as well since Layout works for the Lighthouse, the largest most reputable institution where several HIV management innovations in Malawi are first piloted and later implemented nationally. Above that Mr. Kachere is one of the most reliable, skilled and experienced clinician; recently he attended an Advanced Clinical HIV management training at Witwatersrand University in South Africa.

Lighthouse wishes Mr. Layout Gabriel Kachere all the best during his attachment and thank the TASO TEACH Program for awarding Mr. Kachere this scholarship.


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